200 Drinks
200 Drinks
An exploration of a prohibition era cocktail book

As Knut Sundin wrote - "most people know how to drink a cocktail, but only a few of them can mix one." That was the inception of this app - continuing the spirit of 200 Selected Drinks. Our goal is to give full instructions to the mixing of delicious classic, modern and tiki cocktails.

And we are just getting started.

Version Two.Seven Features

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COCKTAIL 101 & More

Every two weeks we feature new content to teach you cocktail tips, tricks and techniques. Think of us as a guided hand into the world of craft cocktails, making it possible to offer your friends first-class drinks in your home.



The full instructions on how to mix all of the well-known classic, modern and tiki cocktails. With more added all the time. The app and its recipes will keep on growing.


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Find exactly what you are looking for with our powerful recipe search and filtering features. Search or filter by ingredient, name, type and more.